GC206w – Looking at dogs from the inside out – understanding canine anatomy and physiology for dog trainers


The Physical Dog

A truly fascinating one day workshop which ‘peels away’ the layers of your dog and teaches you about the mechanics of man’s best friend is preceded by a home-study element which introduces you to the various anatomical systems which really help you to understand not only the dog you see, but the bit under the skin that you don’t.

Canine movement (both generally and breed type specific), gait, posture analysis and the various organ systems are all covered; not only from an anatomical and physiological perspective, but also from a behaviour and training viewpoint.

Tutor: Lez Graham

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Product Description

Topics covered day include

  • Comparative Anatomy and Physiology in the dog
  • Canine muscles in movement – how dogs are made.
  • Tension areas in the dog
  • Fascial release in domestic dogs
  • Acupressure points in dogs
  • The dogs tail – position, emotion and tension (dog training observations and dog behaviour understanding)
  • Dog training equipment and the dogs anatomy
  • Dog training and the effect on movement
  • Dog Sports affecting structure
  • Releasing tension via Massage in pet dogs
  • The TMJ in dogs
  • The Cruciate Ligament in dogs
  • Stretching for pet dogs and sports dogs

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