GC207w – Equipment and Dog training & The Canine Athlete


Canine Anatomy Double Bill

The equipment that we use when training our dogs is rapidly becoming a multi-million pound industry and it’s getting more and more difficult to work out which piece of equipment to use and when.

During the morning of this fabulous workshop you’ll learn how to analyse the various pieces of equipment in order to choose the best one for the dog you are currently working with and why.

The afternoon is spent analysing and reviewing the various dog sports that have become popular in the last decade, from flyball and working trials to gundog training and competition obedience.

All of these activities have an impact on our dog and during an enlightening afternoon we’ll work through what we can do to help our canine athlete’s stay fit, healthy and injury free.

Tutor: Lez Graham

We are not able to run this course until the end of the year. You can Register Your Interest in attending this course by completing the attached form.

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Product Description

Some of the many and varied topics covered are

  • Dog Training equipment and its impact on canine anatomy and human anatomy
  • Dog Training equipment and our emotions
  • The headcollar for dog training
  • The harness for dog training
  • The Flat Collar for dog training
  • The Combi Collar for training dogs
  • Anatomy 101: Organs, Glands, Muscles and Bones – understanding the dog
  • Canine Anatomy in Action – dog sports and pet dogs
  • Injury Prevention in working dogs
  • Equipment adaptation for all dog breeds
  • Impact of dog sports on our dog
    • Flyball
    • Agility
    • Competition Obedience
    • Working Trials
    • Gundog Training

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