• Baseball Cap

    Baseball Cap


    One size standard peaked cap. Adjustable. Comfortable To Wear Over Long Periods. Guild logo embroidered on the front.

  • GoDT Belt Bag

    Belt Bag


    One size adjustable belt back with two zipped sections. Guild logo embroidered on the front. Maximum size is 117cm (46”)

  • Blue Texo Contrast Rain Jacket

    Blue Texo Contrast Rain Jacket


    Waterproof protection and outstanding durability are key features of this winning style. The rugged contemporary design is complimented by a quality finish and attention to detail throughout. Features include Print Access, Side entry pockets, D Ring, Reflective piping and trim detail. Fabric: 100% Polyester, PVC coated, Ripstop 250g. Lining: 100% Polyester 55g. Wadding: 100% Polyester 170g.

  • Dog Training Body Warmer

    Classic Body Warmer


    This body warmer provides an extra layer of insulation and protects the wearer in wet weather. The classic style of this garment features hand warmer pockets, patch pockets and an external mobile phone pocket, making this body warmer an ideal outdoor garment. Constructed in 100% polyester, PVC coated 160g with 200g wadding.

  • Dog training clicker



    Blue translucent clicker with Guild logo

  • Training a dog

    GC101- Starting a new career as a Dog Trainer


    Making the Leap

    There are many dog trainers who, whilst possessing excellent canine knowledge, skills and experience in dog training, lack the fundamental skills required to plan and run a successful business in dog training, and as such are unable to make the leap from a current job/profession into full time dog training – both in terms of confidence and in being able to build a reputation, client base, marketing etc.

    Tutor: Shanon Hochman

  • dog-sitting-beside-trainer

    GC102 – Understanding the Human Psychological Element of Dog Training


    Both ends of the Lead

    Good dog trainers, it goes without saying, understand dogs. Great dog trainers, however, understand their owners too. As much as all professional dog trainers want to work with dogs we need to communicate effectively with their owners to carry out professional and high quality dog training and human coaching. Dog Training Instructors need to be facilitators rather than dictators, guiding clients to understand the best ways to motivate their dogs. On this course you will learn how to interpret what your clients really mean, modify your approach to helping them, tackle objections and work more closely with people to produce well trained dogs.

    The course will include; Setting goals for dog training, Barriers to dog and human learning, Building rapport, Active listening, Interpersonal communication skills and much more.

    Tutor: Helen Atton

  • woman-holding-puppy

    GC103 – Educating and empowering the effective puppy owner


    Puppy Power

    Split into two elements, this course enables you to learn to recognise the psychology behind your owners behaviour and establish a solid means of educating them in canine behaviour and in particular puppy training. We will reflect on current puppy training methods and analyse why many puppies in today’s society require a higher level of management.

    Breeding, social ranking, environment, and owner perception will all be taken into consideration on this thought  provoking course designed to provide every canine professional with a further depth  of knowledge,  increased confidence and a solid means of teaching an owner effective puppy management techniques.

    Tutor: Jo Croft

  • living with a gundog part one

    GC104 – An introduction to Professional Dog Training Methods


    The Modern Dog Trainer

    Regardless of how you train a dog and regardless of what discipline you train them for, understanding the difference between classical and operant conditioning is absolutely vital.

    During this introduction to Dog Training course we will explore why we use rewards in training, the best way to use them and other motivational tools we have available to us.

    Upon completion of this distance learning course you will have the theory and the techniques needed to train a dog to the Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme Silver Award level.

    Tutor: David Drew

  • cocker-spaniel

    GC105 – An introduction to Canine Behaviour Solutions for the Professional Dog Trainer


    Dog Trainer to Dog Behaviourist

    This course looks at Problem Behaviour in domestic dogs. Often, what constitutes as a problem behaviour is anything that a particular owner considers is a problem for them with their dog.

    Some dog owners may view certain behaviours as perfectly fine, whilst others may deem that unacceptable.

    Tutor: Pat White

  • golden retriever

    GC202 – The effects of Human Emotion on the dog and its significance in anxiety related behaviours for the dog trainer


    Human Emotion & Anxiety and their role in dog training.

    This course contains three Elements which covers a detailed look at the parallels in human and canine psychology. How the canine individual is affected physiologically and what correlation this has with  canine anxiety related behaviours witnessed in some dogs.

    You will learn to recognise stress triggers, manifestation of anxiety and understand the fight, flight or freeze response on a chemical level.

    Students will be provided with all the background knowledge required to identify the early presence of canine anxiety, when it is appropriate to offer support and when interaction is futile. You will understand how to ensure a solid approach is applied to the positive treatment of such cases.

    Tutor: Jo Croft

  • cocker-spaniel

    GC204 – Intermediate Canine Training for the Modern Dog Trainer


    Progressive Dog Training

    Teaching life skills to the modern dog and learning to deal with challenges within the training class is some of what you will discover in this course. On completion of this distance learning  course you will emerge with a  general understanding of more advanced training exercises and guidance on running your training classes.

    Tutor: David Drew

  • cocker-spaniel

    GC205 – A detailed understanding of up-to-date dog law and legislation


    UK Dog Law

    Dog law can be and is very confusing at times, there are Acts of Parliament relating to dogs, Acts of parliament relating to animals generally, and statutory orders and regulations in place concerning dogs and animals alike.

    This course looks specifically at dog related matters; laws, legislation statutory orders and regulations, some of which are covered by the criminal law, and other parts coming under Civil law.

    There are many people and professionals who can and do become involved with dogs, for example the dog owner, dog trainers, dog behaviourists, dog councillors, dog therapists, veterinary staff, vets, dog groomers, dog walkers, dog sitters, kennel owners, kennel staff, and the dog security industry to name a few, not forgetting the Police and local authorities, RSPCA, and rescue centres, dog charities, and specially trained dogs to help with the disabled.

    Tutor: Colin Spender

  • cocker-spaniel

    GC209w – Stop Chasing and Stock Socialisation


    Stop Chasing and Stock Socialisation

    This course is ideal for Dog Trainers and experienced dog handlers who want to learn more about how to stop the chasing instinct and prey drive but do not have access to livestock. You will learn how to train a dog to behave appropriately around other animals using positive reinforcement training and will be using horses, sheep and chickens during the workshop.

    Tutor: Mike Bacon

  • cocker-spaniel

    GC304 – Advanced Canine Training for the Modern Dog Trainer


    Advanced Canine Training for the Modern Dog Trainer

    Tutor: David Drew

  • Tri-fold leaflet front

    GoDT Leaflet


    10 GODT Promotional Leaflets

    These tri-fold leaflets open out to A4 in size and printed in colour on both sides, they contain information about the Guild of Dog Trainers and have a space on the back for you to promote your business.

    PDF: 023 Leaflet GODT Tri Fold

  • Join or Renew

    GoDT Membership Subscription


    For New Members and Renewals.

  • Guild Brand Document Folder (zip close)


    Guild branded zip up document wallet. Inside contains A4 lined writing pad, elasticated grips for pens etc; business card holder and loose leaf holder.

  • Guild Embroidered Sew on Badge


    Badge size is 10cm x 10cm (3.5” x 3.5”)

  • Hi Viz Vest FRONT

    Hi-Vis Vest


    Hi-Vis vest is a polyester mesh (not waterproof) safety vest conforming to full EN specification (EN471 App. G Full). 2″ Reflective tape over shoulders and two bands around the body. Velcro front fastening. Guild logo heat sealed on the front and Dog Training Instructor printed on the rear.

  • Navy Black Regatta Professional Hydrometer Parka Jacket

    Navy Black Regatta Professional Hydrometer Parka Jacket


    Waterproof Hydrafort 5000 fabric, Heavy duty 300D Oxford polyester taffeta, Polyester taffeta lining to the body, Soft scrim lining in collar and chin guard, Taped seams, 140 gsm body insulation wadding weight Special Features: –– Concealed hood with adjuster, Stormflap with studs and hook and loop fastening, Reflective piping to sleeve panels and front and back yokes, Adjustable shockcord waist and hem system, Adjustable cuffs, Zipped sleeve pocket, Mobile phone pocket at the chest.

    Please note: Should the size that you are looking not be listed, please contact as we may be able to order the size that you require.

  • Placeholder

    Pin Badge Metal


    Be proud of the Guild and your status. Duplicate lapel pin badges can be ordered now.

  • Lightweight waterproof jacket

    PVC NBDJ Nylon B-Dri Jacket


    A great value and quality, lightweight waterproof jacket. Guild logo heat sealed on the front.

  • Super Soft Rugby Shirt

    Super Soft Rugby Shirt


    Super Soft Rugby Shirt in 100% Ringspun Cotton. Emerized finish for super soft touch. Two piece shirt style collar. Single jersey self-fabric collar top. Two colour concealed placket with box stitch detail. Twin needle hexagonal locker patch. Contrast tape detail on left side seam. Ribbed cuffs. Guild logo embroidered on the front.